Noir, Noir. Where did all the Noir go?

If you are like me you just may enjoy a powerful and gripping vintage black and white movie from the golden age of Hollywood. Especially on a cold and rainy day when it’s all dreary outside the comfort of the black and white film transports you back in time to when not only did life seem simpler but more glamorous as well. I was looking at a post just yesterday picturing Bogart with his beautiful wife Lauren Bacall and the Rat Pack Leader himself, Frank Sinatra. That image inspired me to write this blog post since it made me want to toss in a DVD of The Big Sleep or The Maltese Falcon. Those classic films are some of my favorites.

Tucked away in so many of those films were tales of hardboiled detectives entrenched in some noir saga of one variety or another. I’m not talking about the super-sleuths that are pure geniuses and can ascertain the root cause of the crime by examining a single follicle of hair. No, while those detectives are awesome in their prowess I am referring to the more down to earth and real detective. The average Joe, so to speak. And speaking of Joe he is the main character from my upcoming novel Darkest Vow.

Detective Joseph Riley is the quintessential hardboiled 1940’s detective. A man who possesses no magic powers of deduction but has a reputation for getting the job done. He’s a man who who feels passionate about his case and often passionate about his clients too, female of course. Joseph Riley comes to life within the pages of my novel and with him the golden age of the ’40’s will ensconce the reader. The beauty of the noir is the darkness woven within the words of the story and for Riley that darkness, the darkest vow of his client, is the what he must discover.

This blog is merely a teaser for the story as I will release more details later in the coming weeks as the final editing of the story is completed. In the meantime think back to those old black and white films. Go ahead and conjure up that image of Bogie in a fedora and trench coat. Picture that guy with all his grit barreling headstrong to solve the case. Travel back in time to when the hero of the story had to rely on brains, wit, and sometimes a little bit of brawn instead of high speed Internet, cell phones, GPS trackers, and miraculous computer software that doesn’t exist in real life . Truly a simpler time.

If you too love these old noir stories I would love to hear from you. Leave some comments and let’s chat.

4 thoughts on “Noir, Noir. Where did all the Noir go?

    • So true. The mystery and intrigue in those classic stories is very difficult to capture in today’s society.

      • Which is a real shame. There is abundant magic in those black and white films. Actors had to be at the tops of their games to make a movie a smash. Some of the best actors Hollywood ever churned out came from the Golden Era.

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