Something unique for an Ebook launch?

When authors take the traditional publishing road one of the things that readers can usually look forward to are book signings. So what about Ebook launches? After all there are no brick and mortar stores where the book can found and actual book tours become even rarer.

So how does an author provide something a little extra special to his/her readers?

This author is going to try something that perhaps is unique or perhaps has been done before but not well known. This author’s new release, Darkest Vow, which drops as a featured Ebook release on June 11th will also come with an opportunity to have a personalized autographed copy of the novel’s cover sent them electronically.

So how’s this going to work?

The offer is for the first 100 readers who contact me with a private message on my Facebook page after the book launch on June 11th. For the readers contacting me please send me the following information:

  1. Your name for personalization (optional)
  2. The opening line of Chapter 10

And that’s it. For the lucky 100 I will send a personalized and autographed copy of the Ebook cover back to you electronically. If the promotion is successful I just may be persuaded to run another promotion just like this!

So get ready to grab your copy of Darkest Vow tomorrow on June 11th from your favorite Ebook retailer – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Google Play, and Smashwords.

Happy reading all! And remember this hardboiled detective saga featuring Joseph Riley will make an excellent Father’s Day gift!


New things are happening!

…exciting days too. First and foremost the cover artwork for my upcoming novel, Darkest Vow, arrived and I must say I am very, very pleased. A wonderful lady, Karen Ronan, designed the artwork. She’s the owner of and I must say she is a top talent. Check out the awesome cover below. The work captures the era of the book brilliantly.

Darkest Vow-Final

Secondly my new Facebook page is up. Jump on over and give the page a like. A handy little link is in my widget column to the left but can also be found by directly going here.

Lastly.. and the big new… Darkest Vow is being targeted for a mid to late June release. Perfect for a Father’s Day gift (hint, hint). I am looking for early reviewers so if you want to lend some assistance message me here or on Facebook or Twitter.

Exciting days indeed.

Noir, Noir. Where did all the Noir go?

If you are like me you just may enjoy a powerful and gripping vintage black and white movie from the golden age of Hollywood. Especially on a cold and rainy day when it’s all dreary outside the comfort of the black and white film transports you back in time to when not only did life seem simpler but more glamorous as well. I was looking at a post just yesterday picturing Bogart with his beautiful wife Lauren Bacall and the Rat Pack Leader himself, Frank Sinatra. That image inspired me to write this blog post since it made me want to toss in a DVD of The Big Sleep or The Maltese Falcon. Those classic films are some of my favorites.

Tucked away in so many of those films were tales of hardboiled detectives entrenched in some noir saga of one variety or another. I’m not talking about the super-sleuths that are pure geniuses and can ascertain the root cause of the crime by examining a single follicle of hair. No, while those detectives are awesome in their prowess I am referring to the more down to earth and real detective. The average Joe, so to speak. And speaking of Joe he is the main character from my upcoming novel Darkest Vow.

Detective Joseph Riley is the quintessential hardboiled 1940’s detective. A man who possesses no magic powers of deduction but has a reputation for getting the job done. He’s a man who who feels passionate about his case and often passionate about his clients too, female of course. Joseph Riley comes to life within the pages of my novel and with him the golden age of the ’40’s will ensconce the reader. The beauty of the noir is the darkness woven within the words of the story and for Riley that darkness, the darkest vow of his client, is the what he must discover.

This blog is merely a teaser for the story as I will release more details later in the coming weeks as the final editing of the story is completed. In the meantime think back to those old black and white films. Go ahead and conjure up that image of Bogie in a fedora and trench coat. Picture that guy with all his grit barreling headstrong to solve the case. Travel back in time to when the hero of the story had to rely on brains, wit, and sometimes a little bit of brawn instead of high speed Internet, cell phones, GPS trackers, and miraculous computer software that doesn’t exist in real life . Truly a simpler time.

If you too love these old noir stories I would love to hear from you. Leave some comments and let’s chat.

Happy Mother’s Day!

So tomorrow is Mother’s Day. A day when we should all take some time and thank our mothers for all the wonderful gifts and support they have provided us over our lives. Remember when you were just a little tyke and your mother would help you learn to read the big words that gave you so much trouble? Or even before when she may read you all those wonderful Dr. Seuss tales regaling you with the wondrous adventures of the Cat in the Hat. Little things like that are so often overlooked when we get older. Things that we took for granted as we grew up but every once in a while it comes back to us. On this upcoming holiday and every day after think about your mom when you pick up that novel and all the help she may have provided you in learning to read for reading truly is a wonderful gift. 

On this Mother’s Day if you are looking for a last minute gift give your mom the gift of a great story. Check out all the worlds that come to life in the Amazon Kindle store, after all eBooks go great with flowers and nice dinner.

And remember to give your mom a huge hug and thank you for all the things she has done and will continue to do for you. Happy Mother’s Day all! 


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Let’s talk nightmares

Good morning, good morning, good morning!

I hope everyone has slept well the night before. Or perhaps you haven’t? Perhaps you have had a restless night’s sleep. Perhaps you have laid awake all night staring at the ceiling waiting for that fit of insomnia to pass. Perhaps you even forewent the blissful rest for a zesty session with your partner.

Or perhaps you suffered from a nightmare that jerked you awake and made you scared to fall asleep again.

As the sweat pours down your brow from the panic of the dream your heart races in your chest. You can feel and hear the pounding of the booming beats. You start to ask yourself. Was that real? Was it only a dream? It sure seemed real. And suddenly at that moment you wished you were anywhere but where you were. The sanctity of your bed has been violated with demons that spring up in your subconscious.

So let’s talk nightmares.

In my first novel the main character, Kirk Samson, is our hero that is plagued by gripping nightmares that are all too real. For Kirk the demons become real. Events that happen in the dreams start to happen in real life and he is lost for an explanation as to why.

Has anyone ever felt that? Ever get that feeling of deja vu that you’ve done something before or rather felt something before. You can feel those icy fingers saunter their way slowly down your back. A rough chill shakes its way up your spine. Does anyone remember their grandmother telling them that feeling was like someone walking over your grave? But that couldn’t be right? You’re not dead – yet.

The things that haunt us in our dreams can easily haunt us in real life. In Ghost of a Chance Kirk is haunted by demons and ghosts that shadow the real world. Events are tied together on a fateful course of destruction. But just how different is that to the real world? Many of our nightmares are shadows of things that have transpired twisted up in a grotesque manner. Other times they are foreshadows of things to come like a perverse Christmas Carol. But maybe just maybe there are demonic forces at work there. Forces that are guiding your soul to an alternate path and forces that strike when you are the most vulnerable, when you are asleep.

When you wake up in the middle of the night and feel like eyes are staring out at from the open door of the closet though you can’t see anything there. Or if you take a trip in the darkened house to use the bathroom and feel like someone or something is following you, something so sinister you can’t shake it and it makes you nervous the entire trip. Could there really be something there? Or are these just the nightmares refusing to let go from the forefront of your mind. Only you can tell for sure. For Kirk Samson these things are real and they do more than just jostle around in his mind.

As Amazon is ready to run a Free Promotion day for my novel Ghost of a Chance let’s hear about some of your stories and nightmares. Perhaps you may find some solace talking about them or maybe even Kirk’s story can help you deal with any demons that are haunting you.

Feel free to leave stories in the comments or if you would like you may contact me directly. Sweet dreams everyone.