Happy Mother’s Day!

So tomorrow is Mother’s Day. A day when we should all take some time and thank our mothers for all the wonderful gifts and support they have provided us over our lives. Remember when you were just a little tyke and your mother would help you learn to read the big words that gave you so much trouble? Or even before when she may read you all those wonderful Dr. Seuss tales regaling you with the wondrous adventures of the Cat in the Hat. Little things like that are so often overlooked when we get older. Things that we took for granted as we grew up but every once in a while it comes back to us. On this upcoming holiday and every day after think about your mom when you pick up that novel and all the help she may have provided you in learning to read for reading truly is a wonderful gift. 

On this Mother’s Day if you are looking for a last minute gift give your mom the gift of a great story. Check out all the worlds that come to life in the Amazon Kindle store, after all eBooks go great with flowers and nice dinner.

And remember to give your mom a huge hug and thank you for all the things she has done and will continue to do for you. Happy Mother’s Day all! 


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