New things are happening!

…exciting days too. First and foremost the cover artwork for my upcoming novel, Darkest Vow, arrived and I must say I am very, very pleased. A wonderful lady, Karen Ronan, designed the artwork. She’s the owner of and I must say she is a top talent. Check out the awesome cover below. The work captures the era of the book brilliantly.

Darkest Vow-Final

Secondly my new Facebook page is up. Jump on over and give the page a like. A handy little link is in my widget column to the left but can also be found by directly going here.

Lastly.. and the big new… Darkest Vow is being targeted for a mid to late June release. Perfect for a Father’s Day gift (hint, hint). I am looking for early reviewers so if you want to lend some assistance message me here or on Facebook or Twitter.

Exciting days indeed.

Welcome to my author blog

Good evening all and let me be the first to say welcome to my author blog. This will be my area of Internet land in which I will promoting my existing work as well as posting updates for my upcoming works. When time permits I will be opening up discussions on my books and stories and from time to time may even post some short stories on this site.

So once again come in, make yourself at home, and feel free to follow this blog. I look forward to sharing some great stories with all of you now and in the future.

To get things kicked off I invite you all to take a look at my first novel. Published through an independent publisher and also promoted through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing my first novel was something of a personal accomplishment. While I am working on my new novel I welcome you all to check out Ghost of a Chance.

Stay tuned for updates on my latest project. Happy reading everyone.